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You can and you should and you will. 

Self love is a pretty new 'thing' we are embracing these days. Running your own business and wearing a million different hats can sometimes put you on overdrive and leaving little time for some self love and care! 

So now that we have your attention. Heres a little read to get you planning your next night in... or in fact other times for some self love! 

Every Weekend, like clockwork, our Instagram feeds fill with self-love reminders, quotes, and best practices from all around the world—and we are absolutely here for it! So much so, that we’ve combined some of our favorite posts into a list to use on the days that we need a reminder to slow down, do something just because it feels good, and check in. (Or the days we don’t need a reminder, but still love a good list. J) And no, we’re not talking about checking in with our girlfriends, sig others, or family… But with ourselves! Because the love we give ourselves is unlike love from anyone else, and it’s crucial for us to fill up our own cups in order to truly be our best selves, not to mention fill the cups of others later on.

Whether you’re on the go, or happily at home, it’s important to make time for yourself. And depending on the day, those needs/wants may change… So check in!

At home:

Screw hitting snooze—turn your alarm off entirely!

Light a yummy candle

Wash your sheets + spray them with your favorite scent

Do some journaling

Do a hair or face mask (or both!)

Treat yourself! Ice cream? Rosé? You got it.

Clear your space by reorganizing something you’ve been meaning to get to

Unplug from technology by logging out of your social media platforms

Try a yin yoga class (or whatever kind of movement soothes your body)

Wear your pajamas + watch Netflix all day!

Throw your towel in the dryer so that when you’re done with your shower/bath, it’s nice and toasty

Ask yourself what you want to do that day, instead of what you have to do. Then do it!


Away from home:

Put your phone on silent + go on a long walk

Practice meditating—either on your own or with an app

Jot down what you’re grateful for

Read a new book

Make a Spotify playlist for your trip


Order room service!

Take a bath + put on your robe/slippers!

Say something nice about yourself—out loud!

No matter where you are… Remember that self-care looks different for everyone! Find what works for you, and make time for it. Checked off every box? Go you! Not into these ideas? That’s okay! This piece is all about motivating you to identify what makes you feel good, and encouraging you to do those things. Even just a little self-love can make a lot of difference in your day, and it definitely beats the alternative! Comment below to share your self-love routine!

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