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Q + A - Finding Gerry and what it means to be a Gerry Girl


Was swimwear always the plan?

My interest was always there on a long-term basis when it came to Fashion – Swimwear was always my dream but it wasn’t planned, active wear was always something we would both create mood boards for in our spare time as a 'one day' project.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

We actually both have experience in Interior Design and Steph also graphic design. If we aren't working on our label we are creating content for our brand. It's exciting and pushes us to create something authentic and true to the brands and business aesthetic. We are lucky we get to be our own bosses and creative directors in this sense. Steph: I am lucky I get to do that daily to a degree with Gerry but if not for my company I could have easily done it for someone else. My ideas are what keep me up at night.

Who is the epitome of Gerry's Girl?

Our Gerry's Girl muse is a sun worshiper and lives by the ocean. I love a natural babe that is smart, confident and driven and lives by a less is more mantra. Blake Lively is someone who is the epitome of all of these things, as well as being a beach babe, we love to see how she juggles being a mum, staying fit and healthy and looking insanely superb all the time. 

Is the struggle real? Talk us through it. 

I think for us we started as a one person team, we didn’t have any financial backing or big name contacts so starting from the bottom was hard, but it has also been the most rewarding part, to be recognised and out on the same platform as the brands I used to buy from has made the struggle all worth it.

What separates you from the crowd?

Despite being in a saturated market, what separates us from the crowd is that we are always sticking to what we love and believe in.
I believe our early success has been a response to sticking to what we design and love and not worrying too much about what others are doing. We've taken risks and also maintained some simple rally good and comfortable shapes because we want our clients to be happy in what we produce.
We don’t copycat, we can appreciate another label without wanting to replicate it. For us basics and the right patterns for a females body is what we do best, so we plan on sticking to this and seeing where it takes us.

If you could choose any other designer in the world to collaborate with, who would it be?

One brand that we love to no end is Zimmerman. We would love to collaborate with them to create a master piece one piece with some patterning and serious embroidered detail. There resort and swimwear is such a stunning take on basic design and would collaborate our minimal style with their unique features. 

What has been the most exciting part of the journey thus far?

We have had a few but being recognised and contacted personally by a few A list celebrities loving our label. 

What defines you as a designer?

 My brand creates the ultimate swimsuit and gymwear, for wearability and aesthetic simpleness. I am a person that believes in quality, I live by a less is more mantra and try to translate that in my designs. We import an amazing high quality fabric that we specifically sourced and created silhouettes that we think flatter and frame the woman physique. Our signature is our skinny strap detailing that brings a femininity and a type of delicacy to the female body.


What is the most played song in the design room right now?

A toss up between The Weekend and Drake’s album.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

My most valuable lesson I have learnt is to keep your blinkers on, don’t stress about what others are doing. Stay true to you and what you are trying to create.

Message to aspiring designers?

If you are thinking about getting into the industry, bring something new, don’t be a copycat brand or someone just copying others bestsellers and putting your name on it. Take your time to really know what you are trying to achieve and go from there.

What’s next?

We just plan to keep growing at our own pace. Creating things that are true to us, redefining the basics in our swimwear and active wear and refining our styles and allowing for more colour ranges to be available through all lines for active and swimwear.