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At Gerrycan, we are making sure to strive to a smaller carbon foot print every step of the way. Our environmental impact is at the forefront of our decision making as a business and something that every team member is conscious of.
With conscious consumerism at the forefront, we have been taking active steps towards sustainability, including: researching and sourcing environmentally friendly packaging materials, reducing our overall use of plastic and implementing sustainable practices within our business and supply chain. We may not be perfect, and there is still room for improvement, but we value our planet and are committed to contributing to a better future. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

GERRYCAN_ Core values as a brand include:

  • Premium Quality that lasts:
    Our mission is to create fashion garments out of premium fabrics and with the best craftsmanship possible. We work closely with our local and international teams in the production line to ensure the quality is never lost and to ensure that our striking designs are handmade to optimal quality. 

  • Compostable Material and Recycling of Materials: 
    Compostable materials are an important part of our journey towards reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future. Orders are shipped in our compostable mailing satchels. In our efforts to be a more sustainable brand, we are taking steps to ensure that our packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable. We also reuse some materials that we receive from third-parties to package items as long as they are clean and ready to be wrapped around your gorgeous garments. 

  • Minimal Waste Studio: 
    As a team of young professionals as well as super- uber, creative people... we are working closely with our international and local makers to ensure that the supply chain caters for all cut offs and waste to be repurposed. Whether it be, using cut offs from a garment for bikini straps or scrunchies, we are looking to do it! 
    We are always working closely with our operations manger to look at the stock levels and production levels to ensure we are not over producing styles that aren't turning over. When we have excess stock at the end of a season we are donating to charities such as the Salvation army to provide to those in need. 

  • Conscious and Clean HQ:
    At HQ we aim to reduce wastage, reuse and recycle goods whenever we can. We are all now equipped with eco-friendly reusable coffee cups and non plastic cups and cutlery in our meeting rooms. We are doing our best to ensure that everything in high rotation and use is significantly reducing our carbon footprint... one coffee at a time! 

  • Fair Working Conditions: 
    We are speaking with our international and local teams of manufacturers on daily basis to ensure the working conditions and the ethics of our company are met. 
    We are a team of happy and healthy people and make sure that the entire team close and far are all looked after! 

  • COVID-19: We are as committed as ever to ensure that our customers receiving goods feel safe and worry free when opening up a parcel from HQ. We are practicing safe methods of practice on our end. Our team is frequently sanitising items and each item is wiped down with antibacterial cloths before sent. 
    We use tissue paper to carefully package up your goods and our teams are wearing face masks when packing your items! 

    What's to come? 
    Keeping in line with our quarterly goals, we've switched the majority of our packaging supplies to be more environmentally friendly with the intention of having 100% sustainable packaging by end of 2021. 
    We will continue to work with our teams across the globe to ensure they are happy and healthy and working in fair work conditions. We will continue to manufacture our activewear using recycled materials with our VITA range being a crowd favourite and a staple!