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How to find the perfect activewear for your shape.

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If you were like me it’s probably going to be a really easy read for you! I’m so into understanding how other people do things and then applying this to my own shopping and choice making.

As I said he reading and writing all about active wear… Which is what I do most days! I have found a really great deciphering will suit my body and might help you. 

What I like to do is actually wear horrible activewear pieces that I have previously owned and held onto for whatever reason. I will do the best workout that I’ve ever done and see what I hate the activewear and how it’s moving with my body.
Based on this I decided to write down a list of items that continue to bother me… And for the record none of these with Gerrycan 😍🤭
I hate: 
  1. Working out and my tights are slipping down off my hips
  2. Length is Not long enough in the crotch
  3. When tights don’t hold me in all the right places
  4. When crop tops just push me out too much
  5. And crop tops dig in! 
  6. Lack of support in every respect... the WORST
So Now that we have that covered here is my list of tips and tricks to find your best active wear yet! 
Size me up! 
If you are on the hunt for the perfect activewear the first thing that you need to discuss body size based on friend. Each brand will have their own size guide and it is more important especially, but you cater to your body but you also continue to size her self against the size guide to ensure that the fee will be optimal and comfortable. In our own ranges we continue to make sure that each different fabric is guided by our size guide so that we can make sure that it is easy for our supporters to be able to shop and know that they are one size throughout.

This one is a little bit subjective but I feel like it is super important. One of the items that I didn’t add to my hate list with colour purely because I don’t hate the colour of activewear and how that works with me. But if I am being really honest it’s important to pick The correct colour for your skin tone and also create sense of excitement wearing. More often than not if it looks good you feel good and when you feel good you train good!!!! 
Fabric 🤩
For me I definitely have favourites. In our own range we have compression which is a hard-core actively compression that we all crave and desire. This is my go to and is worn all you browned because of its water wicking features. I also love feeling snug tight and supported so when I am wearing the compression I get all of these qualities out of the activewear. These are amazing when you are doing a cardio or high intensity workout. 
I definitely think it’s important to create an idea in your mind of what your active way will do for each workout. When I am doing a yoga or going for a walk with my girlfriends I make sure that I’m super comfortable but still supported and this is when I bring out my knitted rib compression activewear which is a softer blend and is completely seamless. 
I know not to wear looser or less compressing activewear if I am doing a high intensity workout and essentials that I am comfortable and feeling good throughout. 
Crop tops can be tops. 
When picking a crop top it’s important to size up side down and size yourself in your bra size and then look at the style of the crop top and the padding that’s featured. If you are looking at a crop top with a zipper these are usually a smaller feet and will keep you feeling very very supported. If you have a larger past it’s important to have a crop top that has thicker straps so that you can feel supported. If you have a larger bus and don’t want items to cut into your back and sides it’s important that you are looking at the shape of the crop top and usually a wider and more covered crop top will actually stop you from the digging in.And lastly if you’re not doing hi intensity workouts and you just want a comfortable and seamless look I definitely recommend looking at the seamless crop tops and pairing these with the same list tights for a really comfortable ACTIVE look.
I hope these simple tips and tricks have helped you find the right piece for your self! At GERRYCAN ACTIVE we cater to all different shapes and sizes and so our range and he’s to all the different qualities mentioned in this blog. If you’re needing any further help feel free to contact us and we would love to get you feeling amazing when working out 💪🏼 

Love, SF x 

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