. Luxuriant Shift – LIFE MODE SS'19/20 – GERRY CAN
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Luxuriant Shift – LIFE MODE SS'19/20


We are finally here. The luxuriant shift range is our most exciting accomplishment to date. Switching on life mode and living and breathing by the principles of fun, good design and hot babes growing together and empowering on another.

Full of growth, self-improvement, empowerment and new beginnings.
GC have gone from strength to strength and now we are here with a tribe of avid lovers of what Gerry Can do.

Our luxuriant collection is one that represents living wild, staying classy and showing how far you’ve come and shouting out what you believe in.
This collection is a step into the past, but bringing some killer looks, into a state of futuristic urban utopia.

From cheeky wild prints, a play on material finishes, inclusion of sustainable, recycled materials we are having fun, letting loose but stepping things up. I don’t think you’re ready for the level of hotness, the beauty of comfort and body-hugging design, or for the looks of envy you’re about to cop when they see you in this one. When you buy from this collection you are purchasing items that have been up cycled with the use of regenerated Nylon that turns waste problems into fashion solutions.

We live in a world where the advocacy of women’s rights and liberation is a movement that is being spoken about, acted upon and includes embracing social equality of the sexes. There’s no better time than now to unleash beliefs, to wear what you want and to know that TEAM GERRY and cheering you on.

Luxuriant Shift is a total shift in our way of thinking and doing, from buying pieces in the collection, to moving into a state of bad ass, the concept of this collection will inspire and empower.

SUSTAINABLE – EQUAL – WILD, the perfection combination for the future where life mode is a little sweeter!


Each shoot, we love to work with new people, expand our circle of creatives and use our platform to help and empower others! 

This time round, our superb shots were taken by Samuel Henson Photography. 
Here's a little more about his work and our shoot. 

Samuel Henson Photography.

Three words to describe your shooting style:
Evocative, Natural, Moody 

Three words to describe the collection you just shot:
Minimalistic, Stunning, Classy 

What inspires you in your career:
Inspiration for me in my career comes from my passion of design as a whole and to be able to work in such a creative fashion. By being able to work on projects whether its photos, buildings or products which all come from the imagination, a thought, a sketch, a vision and then being able to produce those out into the world for interaction by other people for me is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable things about the design industry. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months! Within the next 12 months I see myself continuing to pursue my passion for photography, working in the industry whether it is still doing photo-shoots/clientele work or the potential for my shooting style and goals to shift into another photography area. At the same time I see myself continuing my other career of architecture, finishing my undergraduate architecture degree and then getting out within the field.