. Gerry Can Active Kids – GERRY CAN
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At the heart of our brand is a genuine affinity with the health-conscious women and teens and their innate understanding of style. From the way she cares for her body to the clothes she chooses to wear, her poise is distinct.

Our collections reflect and empower such lifestyles. They exist in the unique space where fashion, wellbeing and everyday fun and motivation.

Selecting the finest materials, caring for the detail and working with only the best makers in the world, we thoughtfully tailor each piece for the essential phases of daily life:
Perform – crafted functionality, Rest – relaxed beauty, and Enhance – amplified femininity.

With a timeless and understated design aesthetic, all pieces combine to create an effortlessly versatile wardrobe as we have young teens transcend into adult life without losing their willingness to express and seek adventure. 

Gerrycan Kids was born out of a need to create pieces for young women wanting to move away from the colours of child hood and refine their style without losing the exciting way of dancing through life.